Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Riga’s Log: Baron Doppelgänger

[Divine Flame]
Baccardi Riga The Third (gnome illusionist), Gilthanas Sunblade (half-elf paladin), Malak (half-orc rogue)

Previously: The Divine Flame is summoned to the city of Leilon in order to investigate Baroness Helena’s claims that her husband isn’t who he pretends to be. On arrival, a group of thugs disguised as priests of Lathander make an attempt on the baroness’ life.

Journey to the Red Light District
We were chased by a group of thugs, managed to capture one, and took him for questioning in a brothel. To loosen his tongue, I used illusions to give my eyes a draconic look and started mumbling random stuff in a strange language, while leaning over my exotic cane (staff). With Gilthanas and Malak pressuring him, he pissed his pants and told us what he knew.
We left him gagged and tied to the bed with a "do not disturb" sign hanging in the door.
What? Who are you calling chaotic evil?!?

The Goblin's Goblet
Entering the spot where all evil bastards meet, we try – unsuccessfully – to bargain some magical items. Eventually, we reach conversation with Konnal. The guy is a member of the Leilon Bashers, and reveals that a sculptor named Proust was behind the attempt on Baroness Helena's life.

Monsieur Proust
Turns out that Proust is a tiefling, and, apparently, schizophrenic, because he was all scared that someone could have followed us, revealed the "main plot" (the Baron, the Magistrate, and the Bashers' Leader had all been replaced by doppelgangers), tried to knife Gilthanas, and immediately took a pill... and died.
Along the way, Proust also told us that in the baron's dungeon a man was being held captive (an old acquaintance of the real baron).
Turns out we were wrong! The culprit wasn’t Baron Harkonnen, but Baron Doppelgänger!

Sune Sheds Light Unto the Dungeon
After revealing the plot to our friend, Captain Colgate, we lure the false Baron to the dungeon pretending that the baroness was awake and talking to the captive.
Gilthanas disguised himself as the prisoner, and as soon as he entered the cell I hit him with "Riga's Hideous Laughter". We shackle him. Being the good liar that I am, he is convinced that both his companions are already under our grasp. Either he cooperates and gives us the location of the real baron, or else...
But getting the info out of him proved harder than expected. The DM called for a DC 25 Persuasion check. I suggested casting Charm Person to lower the DC, but it wouldn't do. For several minutes we were faced with a "Kobayshi Maru scenario" (no win). I was already suggesting the other party members for us to deliver the guy to the real priests of Lathander (and hope that they could extract the info from him), when Gilthanas' player, out of desperation, decides to "have faith in Sune" and - literally - throws the die up for Persuasion. And Sune answered! A 20 lands on the table. We cheer like madmen. The real persons are imprisoned in magical rings, which the Lathanderites manage to dispel.

Statues and Portraits and Gold and Glory! Oh my!
The baron's daughter covers us in gifts, offering to send the best artists to Phandalin in order to carve statues for our temple of Sune. Also, the best painter in all the Realms will be doing a magnificent portrait of Baccardi Riga III.

My gnome illusionist already favored Sune, but after the visit to Leilon he decided to convert fully. The beer's on you, Gilthanas! ;)

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