Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Session II.18 – Demons R’ Us

I love the way our sessions always present great character development opportunities. Although short, the scene with Bellerophon in the castle of his Order played very nicely. Being the sadistic DM that I am, I always enjoy presenting PCs with situations that challenge their morality, and press them towards more shady areas. How is the paladin going to react to all the bad-mouthing from his Peacocks’ comrades? Is he going to rise up to the challenge? Will he simply quit and “suck it up”?
The scene with the old general was also quite appealing. Call me “drama queen”, but I do enjoy having these drama moments in a roleplay campaign. A general at the twilight of his life, which was supposed to be filled with glory and recognition, is being scorned and having his reputation tarnished by successive failures. Is it possible to draw a PC’s attention and make it a personal matter? Well, of course it is… >:)
Last but not least, the key part of the session was claimed by the DM’s cunning plan!

DM: Yes, I’m going to use “Veil” to disguise a Glabrezu as a simple healer praying for the king’s health. Since His Majesty is strongly connected to the god of water, I’m going to toss a water demon into the foray. And, obviously, I’m going to use a shadow demon to possess the king, all Exorcist-like.
And that’s how you end almost with a TPK… Thank you, Baldrick...
The fight was a very close one. Everybody knows that I like to play tough, but sometimes things get out of hand. “Drowning” the paladin, while having a massive glabrezu wreaking havoc among the party… Panic time! Praise be the thaumaturgist and his timely dimension door!
This one was close… Pheeeeew!

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