Thursday, 27 November 2014

The Lost Mine of Phandelver 3: The Silenced Skull

WARNING: The following article contains material from “The Lost Mine of Phandelver”, which is an official module from D&D 5th edition. If you’re planning on playing it, stop reading right away, unless you want your soul to be sucked by Jarvis.

“Hello. I’m Jarvis.”

Following the events occurred with the storming of Cragmaw Castle, “The Divine Flame” returned to Phandalin, where we discovered that the Mayor was taking credit for ending the Redbrand menace. Were we going to sit back and watch that happen? Like Hell, we were!
Now you just have to imagine a gnome, on top of the shoulders of a dwarf, with a BOOMING VOICE OF THUNDER AND LIGHTNING (thank you “Minor Illusion” spell), shouting sheer propaganda about “The Divine Flame” to every soul in the city. In your face, Mayor Jackass!
But, hey, we are heroes, and we’re supposed to kill bad stuff. And kill bad stuff we did. We dungeon crawled half of the Wave Echo Cave, killing gooey stuff, undead stuff, and – EPICALLY – finishing the guy from the “Terminator” movies. We’re now, officially, badasses!
Approaching the flaming skull was a good party-moment, making us plan and discuss the best way to kill it, and NOT be killed in the process. Thank you, Rolfo’s spell list for having the “Silence” spell! It was epic, and badass, and we even had a roaring tiger… although he roared in absolute silence. But hey… it’s the intention that counts!
*Silent MEOOOWWW!*
The best was saved for last, with a sweet tactic-meets-roleplay moment around the Spectator, shedding some light about the History of The Forge of Spells – whose property was lawfully claimed by the Most Epic and Badass Baccardi Riga III.

Now, speaking of SILENCE and SKULLS… this reminds me of… ACHMED, The dead terrorist!

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