Wednesday, 12 November 2014

The Lost Mine of Phandelver 2: Cragmaw’s Castle

WARNING: The following article contains material from “The Lost Mine of Phandelver”, which is an official module from D&D 5th Edition. If you’re planning on playing it, stop reading NOW!

After the nasty encounter with the rogue Glass Staff, and the charming nothic, in Part 1, we returned to the Mayor’s House in order to claim Food, Drinks, Fame, and Loot! But the guy was a cheapskate, so our pockets didn’t get any heavier…
The paladin rejoined the group (and got to meet my amazing gnome illusionist), and we were invited to spend the night in the Mayor’s House. While Rolfo (the dwarven cleric) read the book we recovered from Tresandar Mannor, titled “The Lost Mine of Phandelver”, my gnome charlatan spent half the time hiding propaganda about his family’s great deeds amongst the mayor’s library, and the other half practicing his new acquired spell – “charm person” – in the mayor’s butler…
The next morning we headed North, into the forest where we suspected we’d find Cragmaw’s Castle. While resting along Triboar’s Trail we were attacked by a trio of hobgoblins. They didn’t pose much of a threat, but I was flabbergasted with what the paladin and the druid decided to do with the last surviving member of the gang (one more victim to Baccardi Riga’s Hideous Laughter). The beast was tied , hanging from a tree, and when the location of the castle was revealed, the druid placed an apple in its mouth… and shot an arrow through it!
YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAIKS! Get me outta here! What is wrong with this people? What about honor? Mercy? Kindness? Isn’t there room for that in Dungeons & Dragons? I guess not…
So we arrived at the castle and… went straight to the boss! Yes, just like that. Like we did with Glass Staff. Our GPS is flawless at tracking evildoers. I’m sure that the guys who designed the adventure weren’t very worried with “hiding the boss”, but c’mon… You have three possible points of entry. Two of them are doors, the other is a collapsed wall. Hummm, which one is less likely to have guards? Well, and guess which one leads directly to the Big Bugbear?
We had a great roleplaying moment, with the paladin pretending to be an insubordinate prick, alluring the big boss to a fight by cock a doodle doing, while I tossed some chicken feathers bellow the door where he was waiting. Trust me, this is great roleplaying! Forget about everything else! This is the real stuff! Not even the rooster from Disney’s Robin Hood could top this!

After using such bold and brave tactics, my gnome got to finish the bastard with a flaming orb cast with a critical hit. BAM! Forget about the Masters of the Divine Fire. After killing a hobgoblin with an arrow-through-the-apple-in-the-mouth, and cooking a bugbear alive, we shall henceforth be known as the Savage Raving Lunatics of Merciless Doom!

P.S. If you've never seen Disney's Robin Hood, from 1973, I strongly recommend it. It is by far one of the greatest animation films ever made. Go see it. You'll thank me later.

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