Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Riga's Log: Orcs n' Squirrels

[D&D 5 campaign featuring: Baccardi Riga III (Gnome Illusionist), Gilthanas (Paladin of Sune), Klin (Druid), Rolfo Bleedingaxe (Cleric of Clangeddin Silverbeard)]

House of the Divine Fire
Enjoying some downtime after reclaiming The Lost Mine of Phandelver, the Heroes of the Divine Fire spent some time in the town of Phandalin. Gilthanas invited his comrades for apflestrudel in the Stonehill Inn, where Baccardi displayed his new three-pointed hat with the illusion of a spider-shaped gem (combining with the Spider Staff he acquired previously).
The group decided to rent a house in the main plaza and announced the future "House of the Divine Fire", bearing a small temple to Sune, as well as serving as the group's base of operations.
We tried to convince the thrice-damned Mayor to allow us to occupy the abandoned Tresandor's Mansion, but not even with the promise of restoring the building AND cleaning the catacombs the bastard agreed. We're really starting to hate the guy... On the other hand, his butler, the friendly Jeff, is becoming one of the party's most enthusiastic retainers!

Many Arrows / Many Orcs
A poster in the Town Hall alerted for orcs attacking caravans along Triboar Trail, near the mountains at NE. Another job for the Heroes of the Divine Fire! Rolfo celebrated a mass in the central square, asking Clangeddin for guidance. And thus the heroes departed towards the sunset... with the paladin playing his noisy bagpipes!
The orcs' lair was rapidly discovered, with the druid shaping himself as a squirrel running with a gold piece in his mouth to allure the lonely sentry (which was spending his time hunting squirrels). Inside the cave, the monsters were easily overcome, but dire news awaited the adventurers: there's an orc tribe that goes by the name "Many Arrows" that is planning an invasion in this region.

Baccardi Riga: Mayor of Phandalin?
The news were immediately taken to the Mayor, who didn't seem quite worried about it. Afterwards, we headed to the mines in order to alert Gandrid, expecting some dwarven help to the pressing matter. But the greedy bastard seemed only interested in his profit coming from the mine (which, by the way, has a "certain magical forge" that belongs to a "certain magical gnome").
Faced with the Mayor's ineptitude to address such a troubling issue, certain voices started to be raised, claiming for a new election. Those same voices whisper a name: the most humble Baccardi Riga!

P.S. I’d say the charming gnome deserves a bonus 50% in XP, and an additional 100 gp, for the cool map, and exciting chronicle.

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