Monday, 19 January 2015

Session II.19 – Saints and Sinners

The Green Council
Last session was all about the "Green Council". A gathering of the most proeminent representatives of the Theo (god) of Nature. I've always enjoyed, now and then, preparing role scenes where the players assume the roles of NPCs gathered for kingdom-changing events.
The idea behind this was simple: leprechaun spies have sighted a horde of kobolds heading toward the human kingdom - the same kingdom which has been less than kind for the followers of the green god. What will be their take on the matter? Will they join forces with the humans, thus revealing their power and existence? Will they allow Nature to follow its course? Will they embrace the new additional power coming from the dark god? What will their counsel be to the new Great Druid, a 12 year old human girl?

The player that roles Thorkron (a level 12 thaumathurgist, follower of the green god) had made a brief reference, in his original background, to a ring he bears named "samvete", which could be special, or mundane (DM's decision). So, I kept him waiting, and waiting, and waiting, pretending that I had overlooked that piece of info. When I started developing the scene for the Green Council in my head, I knew it was time for samvete to "awaken".
The first idea I had in my mind was to teleport him away in the middle of a trial he is expected to attend (catching the player off-guard). But when the party decided to visit the old powerful crazy wizard that lives in the bay, asking for magical weapons to kill dragons, I immediately knew this was it! We're going for a boat ride! And it would be an amazing character development opportunity, with NPC-bonding.
And so, Thorkron was summoned to the Green Council, with the other players (secretly informed by the DM beforehand) creating power NPCs, such as the oldest treant in the world, a gnome with over 12 centuries, and a young kitsune tribal leader. As to myself, I assumed several identities during the scene, trying to shake all the ideas that were coming to the table.
All in all, a great roleplaying session.

Saint Bellerophon
Before the major event of the session I had another surprise prepared for another player. Oh yes, I am the kind of DM that enjoys keeping the players on their toes!
The player that portrays the paladin Bellerophon has had countless moral debates with the other players. Instead of "looking the other way" from time to time, he always keeps true to the paladinhood ideals, something that has recurrently earned him the rageful hatred of his companions. I wanted to find a way in-game to value that attitude, but without giving him more power (he already is obnoxiously strong and impossible to hit). Therefore, in coherence with the setting, I sent an angel with a few aasimars to proclaim him a saint, thus becoming his followers. The funny thing is, although he doesn't know yet, he really HAS attained some level of holiness. But, as Uncle Ben taught us, with great power comes great responsibility. And so the angel is a flying helmet that remembers everything he sees or hears. Now, Saint Bellerophon, can't really look the other way.
Let's see how this is going to play out. It's something new (at least for me, as GM), and hopefully memorable.

Session Chronicle and Epilogue (Portuguese): link

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