Sunday, 19 October 2014

The Lost Mine of Phandelver

WARNING: The following article contains material from “The Lost Mine of Phandelver”, which is an official module from D&D 5th edition. If you’re planning on playing it, stop reading NOW! Otherwise, the nice fellow below will eat you.

So we played one more session of D&D 5. This time I went with a gnome Wizard, charlatan extraordinaire, named Baccardi Riga The Third, supposedly the grandnephew of an important archduke. I spent most of the session lying with every tooth in my mouth, which is basically what I regularly do as a DM…
The game was very nice, with the DM allowing us to roam freely and do everything we wanted, without restraints. We even got a round of ale paid by dwarven miners! We were lucky and followed the most direct route to the Big Bad Evil Guy, which wasn’t that bad, or big, or evil, after all. The party was branded “Masters of the Divine Fire”, because the dwarven cleric kept praying to help our rolls, and both I and the druid played with fire spells (although my gnome uses mainly non-aggressive spells, but how can you resist a cantrip that does 1d10 fire damage?). Besides, there is another party member which is a paladin of Sune, the goddess commonly known as “Lady Firehair”. Therefore, it is impossible to gather more divine fire in a single party. As to the “Masters”… Well, like I said, I lie with every tooth…
I secretly believe the druid is chaotic evil – he caught a rat and tried to roast it with a flame from his hand. I secretly also believe the cleric is chaotic evil – he wanted to allow the nothic (the nice guy pictured above) to eat the big bad evil guy alive. Sooooo, yeah… the paladin is going to have a great time, surrounded by a deceptive, lying, lunatic, flamboyant gnome, and those two nice fellows.

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