Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Session II.15 – The Return of Dracopegasus

You can't beat flying dinossaurs posing as horses

I have to say that this session had EVERYTHING I could wish for. Almost five hours of vivid combat, devoid of “mindless dungeon crawl”, with the story elements coming to knock in the middle of the fight. «Gentlemen...I be placed in a bewilderment!»
Having the dracopegasus – I guess now we can officially call him that – sniff the air elemental in order to FINISH HIM was, without false modesty, an amazing idea. Igor’s face changed color when I announced it. :)
Unlike the cocaine-addict-pegasus, having the mecha-centaur storm the pyramid in mid-fight to capture one of the PCs wasn’t an impromptu decision. Yes, younglings, I do like to save the Ace of Spades. But not in a million years could I anticipate that I would drop the zelekhut out-of-the-sky in the moment the paladin charged towards the pyramid’s main chamber, all Conan-like, with the poor necromancer praying to the god of death pierced at the tip of his lance. Having the dracopegasus rip his throat while affected by a fly spell, thus leaving him floating in the air was just a plain gore goodie-goodie touch.
This was without any doubt one of the most memorable fights I’ve seen in D&D in terms of story meets scenario.
And we’re only at the pyramid’s doorstep…

The rules questions we had where addressed in the previous post.
Oh, and regarding the session chronicle’s Epilogue, I bet my nine-pieces-of-eight that you will say: «Twice in one day, I find myself in a bewilderment. »
Session Chronicle: link

Knock, knock!
Who’s there?

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