Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Death and Rebirth

[Pendants of Tor-Logos]

Pathfinder RPG
Following the deaths of Bellerophon and Taurus, the combat continues in order to kill Agnes, the succubus, carrying the child of Taurus McKymera whose birth will breach the Planes and allow an army of demons to enter Chimaera Island. After the combat, the Archangel Efialtes brings the paladin back to life. But the heroes of Agatarkion's Kingdom are now faced with the forced exodus from the lands of the Great Druid...

Barion (rogue), Bellerophon (paladin), Thorkron (cleric/wizard/mystic theurge)

The fight with the succubus and Taurus was supposed to be "just a tough fight". The expected outcome would be to have both the succubus and Taurus killed (eventually captured alive, as a courtesy to his cousin, Claudius). But along the way our brave paladin fell, and the succubus was still waiting to be dealt with.
The easy and normal outcome? Kill the succubus.
My players’ outcome? Leave her alive and have her miscarry.
Thorkron’s player called me aside in the middle of the combat and whispered: “Hey, Bestow Curse allows the caster to create his own curse... Can I simply touch the succubus and provoke an immediate abortion?”
I love my players. They always beat me in degrees of evilness.

The campaign is drawing to its conclusion. Will Barion, Bellerophon and Thorkron be able to:
- prevent Queen Hybris' plan to Trap the Soul the 10 most powerful sons of Tyrian Murex;
- guarantee that Thorkron becomes the first mortal to do 8th level arcane magic;
- stop the draconic invasion already underway;
- defeat the powerful dragons Isospora and Ascaris;
- stop the war with the dwarves of Tor-Logos;
- guarantee that the kingdom will have a steady rule after all the recent events;
- define the kingdom's role and relations with all its powerful neighbors;
- survive the gazillion thunderstorms that the DM will still unleash upon them?

Sometimes I wonder if I don't bombard my players with too many plot branches. I have a big phobia to railroading, so I'm continuously opening new paths and possibilities that sprang by each of the PCs' actions
For now, something major has been achieved: the balor Kelsier's intention of entering the realm with a demon army has been stopped. But in doing so, a vengeful succubus has been left on the loose, and who knows what can come out of this...

Session Chronicle and Epilogue (Portuguese): link

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